Over the years we have built up a fairly well equipped workshop which allows us to do most of the work involved in overhauling magnetos and dynamos 'in-house'. Inevitably, there are some jobs we can't do - electro plating is just one such example - but we do know local specialists who we can call on to help.
In this section, the pages listed in the drop down menu will concentrate on those items of our equipment more unique and possibly less familiar, rather than the everyday engineering machines and tooling. But first, some general pictures of our work areas.

Electronics Bench
Situated in a corner of the office, this is where we designed and built the electrical/electronic test equipment shown in this section and also where our Magneto Static Timing Lights are now manufactured:

Fitting Bench
This is where the magnetos and dynamos are dismantled ready for cleaning and inspection. They then come back here for assembly prior to testing:

Machine Shop
General views of some of our engineering plant and equipment:

Coil Winding Room
A small room where we insulate the armature cores, wind the coils and wrap them up ready for the vacuum/pressure impregnation process:
And finally.... 
When you send your precious magneto or dynamo to The Magneto Guys, you can be sure that all work will be carried out using the correct tools for the job. Some of these have been purchased as new ‘state of the art’ electrical test equipment. Others are original tools from the vintage era, sourced and completely overhauled by ourselves. And finally, we have a number of tools and pieces of test equipment that have been made in-house to suit our exact requirements. To see some of this equipment, click on the relevant button below: 
Rest assured, there are no hammer and cold chisel jobs done here.....  
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