Obviously, everything mentioned on the previous Magnetos and Dynamos pages applies to magdynos which are 'just' a combination of the two.........  

That is certainly true of the later magdynos which were simply a magneto with a body casting shaped to accept a standard dynamo bolted on top: 
Lucas MN2 Magdyno 

Lucas MDB Magdyno

Lucas Magdynette

OK, so these examples are all Lucas magdynos - actually, the term 'magdyno' was originally a Lucas term. Other manufacturers producing combined magneto/dynamo products had to use other names - BTH referred to theirs as a 'dyno-mag' and ML produced the 'Maglita' for instance - but the 'magdyno' seems to have now become a generic term for all of them.
Bosch RJMU 4 Magdyno

 There are many more pictures of 'magdynos' in our Gallery section and more information on the Maglita available in our Technical section.

Magnetos, dynamos or magdynos - whoever made them, we can repair/refurbish them all!  
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