By far the majority of our business involves providing a service to our customers though we also do a small amount of retail sales. That means our premises have an emphasis on workshop space and not sales counters. However you are very welcome to come and see what we do and how we work – but please phone first! 

A selection of magnetos all finished and ready to go

Most customers want a clean reliable working unit returned ready to fit. Some customers want more - maybe it's to be fitted to a concours machine in which case painting and electro-plating is required. These options mean the job takes longer and costs more but we are happy to provide exactly what is wanted. Please talk to us to discuss the options.

PLEASE NOTE: We specialise in magnetos, dynamos and magdynos. We are often asked, but are NOT able to help with repairs to any of the following:

Automatic advance and retard units
Electromechanical type regulators
Impulse couplings
Starter motors

The services we do provide are shown below. Please click on the relevant button to learn more.........

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