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The work we do involves the repair and overhaul of all types of magnetos and dynamos as fitted to Veteran, Vintage and Classic machines. This includes all types of Stationary Engines, Boats, Tractors, Motorcycles and Cars ranging from the most simple generator sets through to exotic racing machinery. Customers include individual owners, collectors, companies, shops and museums from all over the world. 

Our work has seen action at numerous prestigious events including:
  • Ballade des Vieux Clous
  • Banbury Run
  • British Historic Racing events
  • Cannonball Run
  • Durban-Johannesburg Run
  • Festival of 1000 Bikes
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Goodwood Revival
  • Great Dorset Steam Fair
  • Kop Hill Climb
  • London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
  • Mille Miglia
  • Pioneer Run

There are a number of well known mottos or phrases which admirably describe the way we work:

♦ 'If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right ' 
♦ 'Always use the right tool for the job' 
♦ 'Quality, not quantity ' 
♦ 'The customer is our best advertisement'

We could go on but what we are trying to say is that when you send your precious magneto or dynamo to The Magneto Guys for repair, we will always look after it and carry out all necessary work in the correct and proper manner and then return it, confident that it will give years of service. We are so confident in the work we do and the materials we use that we are able to offer a very flexible guarantee. We do not guarantee for a fixed time period. From our own experiences in the restoration game, we know that a restored magneto or dynamo may well be ready long before the rest of the work needed on the vehicle is completed. Even once the vehicle is back on the road, most will only cover a few thousand miles a year – we know that. With all this in mind, our guarantee policy is as follows:

If, at any time in the years to come, any of our work fails to please, then please return it to us. If the unit is in good clean condition, has been stored correctly (on and/or off the vehicle) and has been correctly maintained, then we would be only too pleased to investigate. If the problem is found to be due to faulty materials and/or workmanship on our part then we will put it right. Now hang on, this is NOT a lifetime guarantee! If the unit comes back in a dirty condition, covered in oil and grease, has corroded aluminium or rusty steel parts, brushes or points worn down to nothing or generally shows signs of lack of care, lack of correct maintenance or just plain worn out – well in these cases, our guarantee will have expired! We would almost certainly still be able repair it but of course there would inevitably be a charge for the work – after all, we are a business! In short:
  • If you are NOT happy – please tell us
  • If you ARE happy – please tell everyone else!

We offer a first class service and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

In case you were wondering - yes, ALL the photographs of magnetos, dynamos and magdynos shown on this website were taken in our own workshops as they passed through the restoration/repair process.
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