We do like a challenge and often take on jobs which, at first, would appear to be too far gone. Here are a few of them - we'll let the pictures tell the story.....

....and a miscellaneous selection of (slightly) easier hurdles we have had to overcome!
These are original coils which have failed:
When the original shellac gets hot, melts and flings out due to centrifugal force, it will then cool down, solidify and jam the armature solid in the body
These windings have got damp resulting in insulation failure
These windings have had no mechanical support and as a result, after continual flexing, the wire has inevitably  broken

..... and these are newly rewound coils which have also failed:
Someone has worked really hard rewinding each of these coils. Shame that their efforts are wasted - without Vacuum Pressure Impregnation to provide some mechanical support, they will sooner or later fail. Don't believe anyone who says VPI is not necessary......
Chain drive too tight? or no backlash in a gear train?
Broken, damaged slip rings are a common problem
Caused by holding onto the points while trying to undo the nut on the other end.......
...and look at those vice marks....
Fibre components often show problems - gear teeth stripped, friction surface completely worn away
Fragile components chipped or broken off completely
Hammered CB points - return spring too strong?
This one caused some amusement.....

On the left - some manufacturers use two long screws which go right through the core and thread into the brass condenser housing on the other end.

On the right - others use four screws threaded into the core itself to hold this end - and another four screws on the other end.
Here someone has chosen to use the core from one type with the ends from the other type! This will have a big effect on the magneto's internal timing. As the end positions the points, and the core determines the magnetic break point, tipping the core round one way will definitely not work as the points will open before the magnetic break. Tipping the core round the other way will result in the points opening well after the magnetic break - this might produce a spark but it will be very retarded!
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