Overseas customers are always very welcome. We have done work for customers from all over the world including Australia, United States and Japan as well as most of the European countries.
Dynamos and magnetos are heavy items so check what it would cost to send to us – it will probably cost a similar amount for us to send it back after the repair. Please also consider insurance – we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage once we have handed the parcel to the carrier. We would be pleased to provide a quotation for overseas postage and insurance – just let us know where you are and what it is you want to send to us together with a value for insurance purposes.

When sending from overseas, mark the parcel ‘Vintage motorcycle/car part sent for repair’. This should make sure we are not charged any import duties when it arrives in the UK. When we send it back, we will mark the parcel ‘Vintage motorcycle/car part returned to owner following repair’. This should make sure that you do not get charged any import duties when you get it back.

Countries outside the European Union have to be treated differently. Using the same procedure outlined in the previous paragraph often works but sometimes the incoming parcel is stopped at Customs when it enters the UK. We are then contacted and asked to pay Import Duty and VAT before they will release it. If we provide our Economic Operator Recognition and Identification (EORI) number and apply for Simplified Inward Processing Relief (IPR), Import Duty and VAT is suspended until we have completed the repair and re-exported it. We then have to supply details of the import together with proof of re-export to UK Revenue and Customs and they 'close the import' with no charges being made. Sounds simple but unfortunately not always that straightforward! Needless to say, this process involves us in an appreciable amount of paperwork which could explain why many small companies in the UK no longer wish to trade with overseas customers. Please contact us for a few ideas on how this process might be avoided. Please note, we are not trying to avoid paying taxes - none are due anyway if the goods are here for repair. We are just trying to avoid excess paperwork so that we can get back in the workshop! 


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